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Not everybody loves Taylor Swift, at least in Rhode Island. Neighbors are reportedly upset over work she’s having done on the seawall outside of her mansion.

The 24-year-old is rebuilding a giant rock wall outside of her beachfront Westerly, R.I., estate, which some observers say will now encroach on a public beach.

An opinion column in The Day (New London, Conn.) claims the construction was being done on a "public" beach without a single permit from the town.

Taylor Swift Angers Neighbors With Sea Wall Construction

Spokeswoman Laura Dwyer of the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council begs to differ, however, defending the singer’s actions.

Dwyer tells the The Westerly Sun (R.I.) that the "revetment repair" is kosher, will not hamper beach access and that proper permits were obtained.

"It all started during [Hurricane] Sandy," Dwyer explained of the work being done at Taylor’s residence. "The wall sustained damage during Sandy."


Permits were issued to Swift for repairs on the wall (replacing unsafe rocks and resettling existing rocks), which the CRMC confirms is "a permitted activity."

Nor will this somehow block Westerly’s East Beach. "There must be access at all times [during and after construction]," Dwyer said. "We made sure of that."

Westerly’s Director of Planning, Code Enforcement and Grant Administration, Amy Grzybowski, confirmed that town officials are aware of the construction.

This comes on the heels of neighbors griping about Swift with comments like, "It was bad enough when she moved in, but to ruin a part of the town for all of us?"

"This is a whole new level of hate."

A new level of HATE, people.

Surfers in the area also claim construction at Taylor’s mansion is messing with the wave break in Westerly, in addition to taking away beach access.

Taylor’s camp is adamant that the proper permits have been obtained and that the town actually asked her to move some rocks back to her property line.

In any case, Swift’s fans (like Laney Brown), friends (like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato on FaceTime) and other neighbors seem to like her more.

She was just named 2013 Tennessean of the Year. Doesn’t look like she’ll take home 2014 Rhode Islander of the Year … those grouchy New Englanders.