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Anderson Cooper tweeted a topless photo of his friend and New Year’s Eve co-host Kathy Griffin, joking that it may be what she wears this evening.

The CNN personality joked that the comedienne “just sent me this photo of her outfit for New Year’s Eve. She’s kidding, right? Please tell me she is.”

We can’t speak to that … but this is what you get when you send Anderson Cooper selfies with no top on. Instant Internet infamy. Mental note made.

Wyatt Cooper Sleeps

If she’s gonna get naked tonight on CNN, where she’s hosted New Year’s Eve live with Cooper since 2007, Griffin will be braving harsh conditions.

She’s been Tweeting about the inevitably cold weather she’ll be facing in Times Square from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. ET: “Let the nipple freezing begin!”

The unfiltered Griffin has proven to be the perfect comedic foil for the straight-laced Cooper, who is actually a terrific journalist in the proper setting.


Griffin often compliments Cooper’s looks with questions like, “How do you not just stare in the mirror all day and pleasure yourself because you’re so gorgeous?”

She’s also joked about watching his “balls drop” at midnight (topical play on words there) and has even simulated giving Cooper oral sex on live television.

In other words, tune in tonight … at least during commercials as you wait for Miley Cyrus to do something insane on ABC’s Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve.