Hilarious Responses to Wrong Number Texts: The Good, The Bad & The Awkward

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Oh, the dreaded wrong number text or phone call. It's happened to all of us at one point or another. Or most of us, at least. Right? Maybe?

Long gone are the days of a simple "you have the wrong number." Some recipients of the text message mistakes are reacting in hilarious fashion.

See many of the best examples below. Yes, yes this wrong number recipient DOES have pictures of himself. Just not the ones JD expected ...

Hairy Chest

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OMG! She's not a Belieber, you guys! Geez!

Bieber Text 1

This is why group messages are a bad idea, but this person gets fist bumps for the use of pop lyrics!

Don't Know That Baby

And Mom gets props for knowing Tyga's Rack City.

Moms Gone Wild

Well this just got awkward...

One Night Stands Gone Wrong

Grumpy Cat can't come to the phone right now. Standard Cat and Dog will have to do. 

Standard Cat
Dog on the Phone

Dating these days is so complicated. And creepy. 

George Foreman
New Age Dating

Here's hoping Melanie can explain this one to her bosses.

Mean Old Navy

OUCH! All around! 

Dead Father

Fun times and boob grabs for everyone!

Chest Grab
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