Amanda Markert, Pauly D Baby Mama, Has History of Domestic Violence

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Amanda Markert, Pauly D's baby mama, is bad news. According to a new report, she once beat the living crap out of the other guy who knocked her up.

Markert was arrested in July 2009 for walloping Lance Gerbino and leaving him with bloody lips, a nasty gash above his eye and injuries in his mouth.

Amanda Markert Hooters
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Amanda had allegedly been out drinking with friends, and got pissed off because she had to come home to help take care of the duo's infant son.

Gerbino claims Markert went all Sharkeisha on him, "going crazy" on his face, wailing at him with her fists - while she was holding their baby, no less.

The former Hooters waitress beat him badly, but it was the fact that their child was right there to see it that really scared him and led him to call for help.

Lance felt the baby was in danger, and that's why he contacted the police. According to police records, Markert turned herself in to cops shortly thereafter.

She was booked under her legal name, Amareda Markert, but the assault charge was dismissed after she completed an anger management course.

As we've reported, Markert and Pauly D are involved in an ugly custody fight over their 6-month old baby girl, Amabella, and do not like each other.

At all.

This is not likely to make the DJ less steadfast in his bid for full custody of their baby girl, as he already fears she is an unfit mother and poor parent.

Stay tuned. And take cover, if you're Pauly.

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