Dramatic Rescue of Man Who Survived Three Days Underwater Documented on Video

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While Harrison Okene was pulled from his ship's wreckage earlier this summer, footage of the dramatic rescue has recently been released.

South African divers probing the tugboat's capsized wreckage only expected to pull bodies out of the water.

When one of them saw Okene's hand emerge from the murky water inside the ship, the diver cried out "He's alive! He's alive!" and they realized this was no ordinary expedition.

Harrison Okene, the ship's cook, had been trapped inside a 4-foot pocket of air for over 60 hours in the freezing water wearing only his underwear. He survived on Coca-Cola.

Okene was the only one of the ship's 12 crew members to survive when the tugboat capsized on May 26 as a result of heavy Atlantic storm swells.

He had been in a bathroom when the ship began to sink and, after forcing the door open, was swept down a hallway and into another room where he spent the next 2.5 days breathing from a small air bubble.

Divers gave him an oxygen mask and pulled him out of the water. He spent 60 hours in a decompression chamber before being reunited with his wife and family.