Kardashian Christmas Card: How Much Did it Cost?!

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The 2013 Kardashian Christmas card was clearly an elaborate production, but you'll be astonished to know just how involved, and expensive, it was.

Famed photographer David LaChapelle, who choreographed the famous photo, got a whopping $250,000 paycheck for shooting the reality TV family.

A quarter of a million dollars. For this.

Fortunately for the E! royalty, their Keeping Up With The Kardashians' production company footed the bill, so they didn't have to shell out their own cash.

"It took three days just to put the set together," says a source of the holiday image. "David was extremely involved in all details of the set installation."

"It was Kim's idea to get David to do the family photo Christmas picture. At first, David balked because he does photo shoots for major magazines."

"But Kim convinced him to do it. It wasn’t a cheap photo shoot, and the production company paid the $250,000 invoice. Hair, make-up, wardrobe."

"The Kardashians didn’t pay one dime!"

Interesting that it was Kim's idea. We would have assumed Kris would have kalled all the shots, as she is very much front and center as always.

How will they top these increasingly extravagant efforts to remain at the forefront of all things pop culture? What would they have to do to be irrelevant?

It's incredible, really. What began with one kinda amateur Kim Kardashian sex tape production by Ray J has blossomed into a full-on family empire.

Things have progressed beyond the reality show, although the top still go hand in hand these days, as the family drama is well documented on it.

See the latest Keeping Up With the Kardashians trailer, which was debuted Sunday night along with the holiday kard, and you'll see what we mean ...

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