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This week on Teen Mom 3, the drama spilled over onto the reunion special with Dr. Drew and some pretty surprising revelations came to the surface.

Briana DeJesus, Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit and Alex Sekella all gave us the rundown on what’s gone on behind the scenes since the finale.

What confrontations and tensions arose for the fab four?

Read on for THG’s official Teen Mom 3 reunion recap!

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Mackenzie Douthit’s relationship with Josh McKee kind of went from bad to worse on Teen Mom 3, finally ending in a pretty epic roadside breakup.

And that wasn’t even the half of it, either.

“He wasn’t giving me the attention I wanted, and other guys were,” Mackenzie Douthit tells Dr. Drew, admitting with a nod, when pressed, that she cheated.

When Josh found out about her unfaithfulness, she says, he retaliated in a one-night stand with some girl. That, in turn taught Mackenzie a painful lesson.

“I realized how bad it hurt,” Douthit confessed.


Mackenzie’s bombshell wasn’t all last night.

Alex Sekella got choked up that it’s only Arabella and herself. She’s sad about Matt for Matt’s sake, and also for her baby’s. She wants more for her.

She revealed that she was unable to complete high school online, and will be returning to the 12th grade full-time with her grandma watching Bella.

Matt admitted that while he was homeless this season, he was actually living in the woods and shoplifting at a nearby store. Talk about rock bottom!

When Dr. Drew tried to set up an impromptu visitation with Matt and Arabella, she didn’t take it well, though Matt passed the drug test by the show.

Briana DeJesus admitted to hooking up with Jacob, and talked about her mom’s philosophy on dating and how that helped her with Devoin Austin.

Briana said she wasn’t impressed that Devoin had come to Nova’s birthday party, because showing up for an hour doesn’t count as stepping up.

Devoin said that he has tried to make the effort to visit his daughter, but that Briana – buoyed by her mom’s steadfastness – often stands in his way.

Dr. Drew brought up Briana and Devoin’s Twitter war, which brought them to court for harassment, and brought the show to near Jerry Springer levels.

Katie Yeager told Dr. Drew that Joey Maes is going through anger management, and they are continuing couples counseling. He has moved back in.

As for that other relationship he was in? “For the first time in my life, I really hated someone,” Katie said of her feelings while Joey was with another girl.

Katie now understands that she craved approval from her child’s father because she always wanted to get approval from her own father, as well.

Joey Maes said that he couldn’t deal with the pair fighting over money, because he risks his life for his well-paying job. Sounds like a familiar refrain.

Katie’s mom, Lucy, says that Katie Yeager preaches forgiveness but holds grudges herself, a fact that Joey was happy to weigh in on and agree with.