Katie Yeager: Assaulted By Joey Maes on Teen Mom 3?

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Teen Mom 3 baby daddy Joey Maes looked to be out of control during a fight with fiancee Katie Yeager on last week's episode of the reality show.

But the reality of the situation may be even worse, insiders say.

Katie Yeager, Joey Maes

According to several sources, Joey Maes allegedly physically assaulted Katie Yeager a number of times when the MTV cameras weren’t rolling.

Once, the 19-year-old single mom was so scared, a police report was filed. In another instance, an insider claims, Joey even broke Katie’s nose.

“They have had physical problems for their whole relationship,” said a source.

Tensions came to a head back in June 2012, when Katie was moving out of their shared Utah home after finding out Joey had supposedly cheated.

The source close to the young mom claimed, “He was punching and throwing things around the house while Katie was moving out ... it got physical.”

Cameras weren't there and Katie’s mom called the cops, but “Katie never pressed charges because she did not want [daughter] Molli to be in the middle of that.”

Someone also a report of assault against Joey in June of 2012. Law enforcement sources also confirmed that Katie, 20, was involved in that incident.

Maes was never charged in that case, either.

In October, Katie decided to move back in with Joey, and they began arguing again, over "the stupid things couples fight about," a source says.

Then he snapped and broke her nose.

"Joey has anger problems and a really bad temper and told Katie that he was going to go to anger management but he never went through with it.”

“It’s always been like a physically abusive relationship,” the source claimed. “It was always with his fists. She has always remained calm."

Both MTV and Joey had no comment when asked by celebrity gossip site Radar Online, but the source said Katie Yeager has learned her lesson.

“She left after that and never really put herself in the situation where she has been alone with him [again] ... they meet in public places and stuff like that.”

She's also back on the dating scene. Good for her.

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