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This week on MTV’s Teen Mom 3, the girls’ parents laid down the rules and their ex-boyfriends continued to add undue amounts of drama to the mix.

Exhibit A: Joey Maes, Katie Yeager’s baby daddy. This guy is a handful, which we’ve suspected from the beginning, but he showed his true colors last night.

Read on for THG’s Teen Mom 3 recap!

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After Katie Yeager and Joey Maes broke up, he was staying at his family’s house. He has something “big” to tell her and puts it in a letter he hand delivers.

In it, he revealed that he was seeing someone else. Yes, just three days after they broke up, Joey moved on. He and Katie were together two YEARS.

Minus 250, because Katie suspects it was actually going on for a long time, and she’s probably right. Either way, this does not sit well with Molli’s mom.


Katie says she is going to pawn her engagement ring, but her mom tells her not to be spiteful. Plus 50 for encouraging restraint, but good luck there!

When the time comes for the exes to split up their stuff, the inevitable fight occurs. And it is epic. As Molli wails, Joey Maes throws his stuff out the door.

Then it gets insane. He tries to grab Molli from Katie’s arms and take off with her. Minus 800. Katie’s mom shows up and calls the police to break it up.

Everyone calms down when the cops are there, but Joey still tells Katie to keep her mom “out of his house,” while she delivers a kiss-off note of her own.

“Give this to someone you mean it to,” she writes in a note to leave with her engagement ring when she moves out of the house for good. Plus 200.

Meanwhile, Briana DeJesus starts talking to Jacob, a guy that she went to school with. But she worries about developing a social life and being a mom.

Brittany gets the dirt on Jacob and talks to her younger sister in hopes of helping her avoid picking another guy like baby daddy ex Devoin Austin.

When Jacob asks Briana out, mom Roxanne, who was urging caution as well, doesn’t react well. Briana storms out and leaves her mother in tears. Minus 50.

Brittany and Roxanne both refuse to babysit Nova while Briana goes out on a date, so it prevented Briana – who feels ganged up on – from going anywhere.

Alex Sekella hadn’t heard from David since their mini golf date, sees him making plans with other girls online. She decides to call him out and move on.

Plus 150, not for overreacting, but for standing her ground period.

Matt McCann gets kicked out of the halfway house. Minus 100.

At a concert, Alex has trouble fully concentrating due to that situation, and calls home to check up on Arabella. But she’s not hung up on Matt McCann.

She feels an obligation to him because he’s her daughter’s dad, but as a partner? Alex tells friends that he was basically “a sperm donor” and that’s it.

Harsh, but kind of true. Plus 350.

Mackenzie Douthit‘s mom is going on a trip, and she is leaving Mackenzie along with her dad and son Gannon for the first time since he was born.

Ironically, Mackenzie is not that bad at taking care of Gannon, but relies on her mom to take care of her to a surprising degree. Time to grow up, girl. Minus 100.

Meanwhile, Josh McKee seems proud that his earlier lies to Mackenzie got him some space away from his family, until his friends talk sense into him.

Josh finally calls because he wants to see Gannon and wants to give their relationship another shot. Plus 500 for finally manning up a little bit, Josh.

Minus 100 for violating her curfew though.