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Rihanna and Drake are back on, according to a report that Chris Brown is not going to be happy with … though he is in rehab for anger management, conveniently.

The pair met up shortly after her performance in Dallas Monday night, and insiders say that Rihanna, 25, and Drake, 26, took things to the next level.

Rihanna and Drake Back Together

The two are very familiar with one another, and that’s why they decided to go all the way, if you know what we mean, when they got back to Rihanna’s hotel.

We mean they had sex. Or so this alleged source tells Hollywood Life. A Rihanna insider, the mole claims that her past with Drake was a big plus:

“My girl gets hers and let’s just say that it’s easier for a [girl] to go to familiar territory than it is for her to get out there and [be with someone] new."


Basically, a friend with benefits is hard to beat … or are they more than that?

The passionate night together could possibly lead to a relationship down the line, however neither Rihanna nor Drake want to have that conversation … yet.

“You’ve got to remember, Rihanna has done a lot of growing and Drake’s a real [guy] so there’s not really any expectations that come with this,” the source said.

“They’re both adults and can compartmentalize things.”

Rihanna and Drake: Do you like them together?

What happens next is unclear, but the hookup is the real deal. Many fans saw the two cozying up at a late-night dinner after her show, which he attended.

The rapper was in town for his own concert last weekend, but stuck around after the rest of his crew left so he could see her … and it clearly went well.

While Drake and Chris Brown recently quashed their long-running beef, one has to wonder how this latest revelation is going over at Camp Breezy.

At the same time, Karrueche Tran, Rihanna’s longtime rival for Chris’ affections, and Breezy’s on-off plaything for two years, has to be psyched!

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