Chris Brown and Drake Bro-Hug it Out, End Feud!

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Chris Brown and Drake have buried the hatchet. Rumors have surfaced in the past week that they've let bygones be bygones, and now it's been confirmed.

Not only that, it appears they're collaborating on new music together.

"Hangin with Drake in the studio," Brown wrote on Facebook today.

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Chris Brown is clearly turning over a new leaf. He's Tweeting his support for gay rights ... he's in the studio with Drake ... what the heck is going on here?!

In any case, bro time is a promising turn of events for the pair.

The Chris Brown-Drake feud has been long-simmering, and escalated to the point where their respective posses came to blows last year in a club.

The W.i.P. club melee led to injuries, lawsuits and rumors galore, with Drake saying after the fact that the "feud" was all his rival who refused to let it go.

Looks like he now has.

A source says they cleared the air at last month's IHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas, with the "Started from the Bottom" rapper visiting Brown's dressing room.

"They made peace and are cool now," a source says. "Rihanna is in the past. They decided to start fresh and be cool with each other and they are now."

No word yet on the nature of today's meeting, or whether they're discussing the Rihanna "Pour It Up" music video right now, but we're glad the beef is quashed.

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