Justin Bieber: Under Investigation for Illegal Graffiti Work in Brazil

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When Justin Bieber spray painted his support of Chris Brown in Bogota late last month, he faced some public backlash.

But following similar graffiti work in Brazil this week, the singer is facing a very different kind of negative response: from that nation's law enforcement.

Justin Bieber: Clothed in Brazil

According to the O Globo newspaper, photographers caught Bieber spray painting a wall of the former Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro Tuesday morning - and the defacing of building in Brazil is a crime punishable by up to a year behind bars.

Authorities went to question Justin at his hotel about the incident, but were unable to track him down this week, while calls and emails from the police department also went unanswered.

The singer reportedly took a private jet to Paraguay on Wednesday to continue his tour there, making it unlikely he'll actually answer for his Brazilian-based crimes.

And there's little wonder why Bieber was so quick to fly away from that nation.

Over the weekend, witnesses claim Justin spent hours inside a brothel, while on Saturday he was hit by a bottle on stage, walked away and didn't finish his set.

Appropriate for Brazil, it was a very close shave for the singer.

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