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Justin Bieber has gone out of his way to prove he has awful taste in friends is on Team Breezy.

The singer – who has made no secret of his affection for Chris Brown (he’s super dope, people!) – found an unexpected way to show support for his embattled (?!?!?) fellow artist last night:

Bieber spray-painted the message “FREE BREEZY” on a wall in Bogota, Colombia.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

This, of course, is a reference to Chris Brown’s recent arrest on assault charges.


But we see at least three things wrong with the piece of graffiti:

  1. Chris Brown is free. His assault charge has been reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor and he was released this week without needing to post bail.
  2. Chris Brown has checked himself into rehab for anger management, meaning he admits he has a problem and isn’t exactly a victim here.

Seriously, JB. Brown makes Lil Twist look like a positive influence. Find a better role model.

Justin also showed off his tagging skills by paying homage to his late hamster, Pac.

Check out two more graffiti works by Bieber below and sound off: Should he really be an outspoken member of Team Breezy?