Middle School Football Coach Fired For Planning Team Banquet at Hooters

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One would think this goes without saying, but people never cease to amaze these days. If you're a middle school football coach planning your team banquet?

Hooters may not be the most appropriate location. Maybe.

Randy Burbach of Corbett Middle School in Oregon thought it was perfectly fine apparently, and got fired - after he refused to change venues, no less!

The chain of events is pretty fascinating. Let's break it down:

1. Burbach planned the Hooters banquet. 2. The school got wind of this. 3. The school said hey, maybe you should move the event? 4. He did not oblige.

Oh, but it continues: 5. He got fired. 6. The event is still on!

Corbett Athletic Director JP Soulagnet wrote to the players' parents that he wanted everyone "to feel comfortable about the location and enjoy the season."

As such, "I spoke with Randy Burbach and asked him to move the event to a different venue so that all of the athletes and their families could attend."

"He was unyielding and emphatically said no for a number of reasons."

"We do not support nor condone the decision to hold [events] at Hooters for any of our teams, groups, or clubs cross the board and at at all levels including high school."

Perhaps most incredibly? Burbach is still holding the event.

Although the school has disassociated itself - from the event, and from him, as an employee - he insists, steadfastly, that he is right based on this logic:

That Hooters is an "OK venue" for middle school students.

"I still do not feel what has been done is wrong," Burbach said of his unorthodox venue choice. “I feel the restaurant, in my opinion, is an OK venue."

Hooters isn't a strip club, nor is it illegal to take kids there.

That doesn't mean it isn't incredibly tacky at best, and wildly inappropriate at worst, to take a bunch of teenagers there to celebrate a football season.

What do you think: Should the coach have been fired?

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