Justin Bieber to Party Guests: Shut Up or Pay Up!

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Justin Bieber hosted a rager on Friday night, one visited by the cops on three different occasions due to neighbor complaints over the noise.

But authorities weren't the only ones at the shindig, of course. It also played host to over 100 guests, according to various sources.

And TMZ has obtained the confidentiality agreement these guests were forced to sign at the door, as the document makes it clear they cannot Tweet, text, Facebook or communicate in any way about events inside Bieber's mansion.

Those who break the deal will be on the hook for $3 million.

Justin made attendees and employees sign a similar agreement for an event this spring, though the price tag on their loose lips in that case was $5 million.

It's unclear whether Bieber required party goers in Brazil to affix their names to this sort of pact when he brought his entourage there a couple weeks ago for a couple tour stops.

But it's very clear that something went down between the artist and Tati Neves, a local porn star who filmed Bieber in bed and has since gone on record with their enjoyable sexual escapades.

Neves has hired an attorney in case Justin takes legal action against her, but we have no idea why he'd do so: the 26-year old did say Justin is well-endowed.

On Friday, meanwhile, Bieber ended up being cited for his raucous party, while a Los Angeles police officer says he smelled marijuana upon opening the front door.


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