Jon Gosselin and Liz Jannetta: Dating! Headed to VH1's Couples Therapy!

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Liz Jannetta is dating Jon Gosselin for some reason, and you can learn all about their relationship when they appear on the new season of VH1's Couples Therapy.

Some people never learn, do they?

Despite being vocal about the fact that he thinks reality TV has been bad for his family, and his kids have developmental problems as a result, here he is.

On the couples counseling series, Jon will take the couch with his Liz Jannetta, a single mom of three who he's been in a relationship with for awhile.

Things have hit a rough patch, evidently, because they're taking to VH1's faux-therapist's couch to work out their issues in totally effective fashion.

While it would be better TV to watch him square off with Kate Gosselin (or even Hailey Glassman), you can bet that his doomed marriage will come up.

He's extremely likely to embarrass her even more than he already has, which will likely be ratings gold for VH1, and make for some great gossip.

Still, you have to wonder about Jon. After all his supposedly enlightened comments about enjoying the simpler, quieter life he leads now ... this.

Thou doth protest too much, Mr. Gosselin. These reality shows, much as he condemns them, clearly don't prepare one for life in the real world.

After having TLC foot the bill for years, Jon most recently found himself waiting tables to pay bills. Which is fine, and even commendable of him.

Apparently he doesn't see it that way, however, and is willing to go back to the well of being a douche on TV for a quick paycheck and 15 more minutes.

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