Jessica Moser Ordered By Judge to Stop Breastfeeding For Surprising Reason

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Jessica Moser, a Northampton Co. mom, has been breastfeeding her daughter for the past 10 months.

Now, she's embroiled in a custody battle with her daughter's father and a judge has ordered her to stop so that little Jasmine can spend the entire weekend with her dad.

Moser says the judge doesn't care that Jasmine still breastfeeds. "Why isn't she on formula?" he asked. "She should be able to have formula at 10 months."

Oh, dear.

Jessica Moser

The World Health Organization recommends mothers breastfeed their children for at least 2 years.

Moser can't pump enough milk for her daughter for two full days and Jasmine doesn't take a bottle, instead preferring her milk straight from the tap.

If Jessica doesn't comply with the judge's ruling, she will lose her daughter.

"I'm feeling frustrated, hurt" Moser says. "I'm trying to keep myself from crying, it's very emotional."

Since Jasmine was born last December, Moser has been the child's primary caregiver. She and Jasmine's father have been locked in a custody battle for the past several months. 

Moser states that she isn't trying to keep Jasmine from her father. She just wants what's best for her daughter. 

"I'm very passionate about having that right to breastfeed," Moser said.

"The breast is best, and that's what I'm trying to do for her."

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