Farrah Abraham Really Wants New Book Cover For Some Reason

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Farrah Abraham has had an eventful week, between getting OWNED on Bethenny and her previously secret relationship with Brian Dawe going public.

Not surprisingly, she's trying to re-focus the media attention ... by talking about how she wants a new cover for her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended.

Yes ... incredibly, Farrah had a book out long before she did porn.

Farrah Abraham Book

Farrah says she wants to update the cover because "Sofia is cute" now. Then again, she says Sofia should get a life, so take that with a boulder of salt.

Also, does that mean Sofia was not cute then? Just look at her?

Other theories for why she wants a new book cover include ...

  1. To show off her extensive plastic surgery
  2. Keeping her name in the media 24/7/365
  3. Reminding us that she even has a book
  4. To drive sales of book (kind of obvious)
  5. Reminding us that she can read (sorry)
  6. She just cares that much about her "art"
  7. She loves to look at pictures of herself
  8. She wants to plug her Amazon wish list
  9. She wants to pose nude or topless on it
  10. She wants to forget her music "career"

Too late for that last one, Farrah Abraham. Too late.

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