Farrah Abraham Beefs With Bethenny Audience Member: Watch Now!

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Farrah Abraham certainly knows how to bring the drama.

The Teen Mom cast member turned porn star, 22, filmed an appearance for Monday's episode of Bethenny, and was taken to task for some of her decision making.

Not just by host Bethenny Frankel, but by her audience:

At least one member of the crowd went so hard at Farrah Abraham about her parenting choices that Frankel actually had to intervene and play mediator.

Specifically, she was grilled on waxing her daughter's eyebrows earlier this year - which crazily seems like one of her least crazy moves now. Her response?

"I actually got a lot of fan mail from girls who were younger, who did have unibrows, and they only wished that their moms would have helped them."

The audience member who asked her about that was floored.

"My head is going to pop off, I swear," the woman replied.

"That is crazy. You're making a little girl believe that without plucking her eyebrows, she won't have pretty pictures. She's four - she's beautiful."

"It's not even pictures, and it's not that I'm telling my daughter she's not beautiful," Abraham said. "To be honest with you, she was sleeping, so it was like..."

Before she could finish, the crowd grew restless.

"Oh my God. So that makes it better?" Bethenny's viewer quipped over Farrah's protests, turning to Frankel to add, "She's out of her mind, I'm sorry."

Bethenny calmed things down, but also asked Abraham about her plastic surgery and her comment that Sophia "has her own life" and "does her own thing."

Clarifying that statement, the sometime swimsuit model said, "To a certain extent, though. It's not like she has her own life, go live your own life."

"I am very much her mother, and I am very much there to develop her ... but I also feel that...it's very healthy for my daughter to have her own friends."

"To have that community around her that she knows is her own person. I don't ever want my daughter growing up questioning who she is or her choices.

"My daughter knows she is loved. My daughter knows she has a mom, and I'm there, and I'm not worried about anything of what everyone else is worried about."

Say what you will about her parenting abilities - and we have, at length - but that at least makes some semblance of sense ... a rarity for this girl.

Abraham said after the interview that Bethenny and her audience were rude, degrading and judgmental toward her. Do you agree? Or is she delusional?

Choose your side:

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