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She talks and Tweets a good game, but is Desiree Hartsock trying too hard to convince us there’s no trouble in paradise with fiance Chris Siegfried?

Given the attention on Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s upcoming wedding, and The Bachelor spoilers for 2014, all the pressure has been off Desiree.

All of which makes her continued defensiveness a bit puzzling.

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried: Will it Last?

Other than Des and Chris saying they’ll have a TV wedding after Sean and Catherine’s LIVE big day was announced, they’ve been off the radar lately.

Which makes it a little odd, in the eyes of some observers, that she’s taken to Twitter and Instagram to silence the critics of her relationship again.

She shared a photo of a Steve Jobs quote on Instagram, as well as another Tweet about staying positive and being true to yourself amid negativity.

Inspiring? Sure. But also a potential sign that something’s up.


If she really doesn’t care about critics or their downcast opinions – which have been few and far between, honestly – then why call them out so publicly?

It’s understandable to feel defensive about her man, but Desiree Hartsock seems unable to go about life without acknowledging the supposed haters.

Sean and Catherine, whose proposal on The Bachelor was immediately greeted with skepticism, have been the subject of as many rumors if not more.

They’ve kept their heads down, remained true to themselves, and are getting hitched before you know it, having successfully proven doubters wrong.

If Des wants her love with Chris to last for the long haul, she may want to follow their lead. And if it’s meant to last, all the other noise shouldn’t matter.

You tell us: Desiree and Chris … will they last?