Kris Jenner: So Proud of Kim Kardashian, So Thrilled Over Engagement

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Kim Kardashian has dubbed it her "middle finger to the world."

But when asked on E! News last night how she felt about her daughter's recent swimsuit selfie, Kris Jenner described the photo in far more glowing terms.

Kris Jenner in Las Vegas

"I thought that was a beautiful shot. I think that what she's saying is she got so much flack for gaining weight while she was pregnant... and it hurts when somebody says something ugly to you when you're carrying a baby and that's just how your body does it," Kris said.

"So for her to have done that and lost all that weight, she looks like my baby. She lost a lot of weight and she's looking good so I'm proud of her."

And in case that message wasn't clear enough, Kardashian unveiled another Instagram photo this week, one of her with a lot of cleavage and a tiny waist.

As for Kim's engagement to Kanye West?

It's safe to say Jenner is on board with this relationship and what went down in San Francisco on October 21.

"He's kind of a magical guy and he loved doing that for her, so yeah I was thrilled," Jenner told E!.

She also wants to clear up any talk that there's bad blood between her and estranged husband Bruce.

Yes, they are separated. And, no, he did not attend her 58th birthday party last week. But he was definitely invited.

"Bruce was in Las Vegas working on an electronics type thing," Kris explained. "They've been racing cars lately, which is one of his passions, so yes he was invited and I'm sorry you couldn't come, Bruce. You would've had a really good time."


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