Charlie Sheen Sex Tape Being Shopped, Linked to Missing Nic Cage Burglary Witness

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An alleged Charlie Sheen sex tape is being shopped around, and its bizarre link to the recent Nic Cage burglary scandal has been unearthed as well.

Also, a man who was supposed to be a key witness in that case is missing.

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It's hard to keep straight, but handyman Ricardo Orozco is currently on trial for allegedly breaking into the home of Christina Fulton, Cage's baby mama.

He is accused of stealing computers and memorabilia, which allegedly includes Nicolas Cage sex photos ... and somehow, a Charlie Sheen video.

A detective testified in court Thursday that one of the items taken was a Charlie Sheen video on one of the stolen computers. Sources say it's a sex tape.

Meanwhile, Darwin Vela, along with Orozco, recently went to meet with Charlie's people, claiming they had a sex tape starring Sheen and wanted to sell it.

Vela and his people never produced the tape, and then Vela, a key witness in the Orozco burglary case, went missing. Radio silent. Off the grid.

Tuesday, Vela took his dog Cocoa for a walk, after which the canine returned home without him, but with human blood on its leash, trembling and whimpering.

He has not been seen since. The mysterious plot thickens ...

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