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Brooke Mueller, the mother of Charlie Sheen‘s troubled twin sons Bob and Max, has agreed to have the boys tested for fetal alcohol and drug syndrome.

This action was agreed upon during the contentious meeting with the Department of Children and Family Services and Denise Richards last week.

Brooke Mueller Crack Video

Brooke Mueller, 36, went to rehab twice while pregnant with Bob and Max, 4, because of her addiction to the highly addictive stimulant crystal meth.

Mueller has also battled addiction to crack, according to reports (and videos).

Multiple sources confirm that “Brooke did indeed also drink large amounts of alcohol while pregnant. This was on top of the drug use which included meth.”

In a shocking turn of events, DCFS awarded temporary guardianship to her brother Scott, who will live with Brooke, effectively giving her full custody.

Charlie Sheen, whose other ex-wife Denise had been caring for the boys for six months due to Mueller’s recurring drug woes, is livid with the ruling.


DCFS insisted “Brooke sign off on having the boys tested and assessed for fetal drug and alcohol syndrome," as part of the current custody arrangement.

Denise’s outlining of the disturbing, violent behavior of Bob and Max prompted the agency to force the issue because Brooke had been steadfastly against it.

“The good news is that they will now be properly tested, and monitored,” the insider added. “It will be crucial that DCFS follows up and follows through."

"The boys’  lives literally depend on it.”

Charlie Sheen-Brooke Mueller Custody Battle

Despite her love for the boys, Richards penned a heartbreaking letter to inform DCFS that she no longer felt capable of caring for them in her home.

Richards’ daughters have been “strangled, kicked, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head” and spat on by the boys, as have her dogs.

It was her desire to bow out of the role of guardian that opened the door for Brooke’s brother to make a play for custody, which he was given Friday.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause physical deformities, retardation, learning disorders, vision difficulties and behavioral problems, plus heart health issues.

It’s unclear if these issues apply to Bob and/or Max, but they were born seven weeks prematurely and Max had to stay in the NICU for a heart condition.