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Brooke Mueller’s brother, Scott, has just gone to court and obtained temporary guardianship of Brooke and Charlie Sheen’s twin sons Bob and Max.

This latest chapter in the ongoing, contentious saga comes after temporary guardian Denise Richards made it clear she could not continue in the role.

Denise Richards: Out as Guardian of Charlie Sheen's Kids?

Denise, who was married to Charlie before he was married to Brooke (he’s now divorced from both), also has two little children fathered by the actor.

Richards told the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services that she can’t handle Bob and Max because they were violent toward her daughters.

Charlie has alleged that Brooke Muller is a terrible person and parent who cannot be trusted with the kids, and that the DCFS people are "doosh bags."


She has been granted a restraining order against him, which also comes with a gag order requiring that Sheen not talk about the case, as he has been.

The actor will go to jail if he goes off on more rants against Brooke, who claimed she was scared for her safety given the nature of some of his tirades.

Denise was awarded guardianship of the boys after Brooke was stripped of custody earlier this year. Mueller has a history of substance abuse issues.

Richards has defended her ex, calling Charlie and amazing dad, and has generally supported his efforts to gain custody of the children from Brooke.

It’s unclear how either feels about the new development. According to TMZ, DCFS signed off on Scott becoming guardian and he will get the kids tonight.

Story developing

UPDATE: Scott is moving in with Brooke, and the kids. The judge who granted the guardianship felt it was important for the boys to stay in the same school.

DCFS officials have not given Brooke full custody, but they will be living with her and not Charlie, which comes as a surprise, and a blow to the actor.

The only difference is that her brother’s there now to "gradually reintroduce" her to the children. Let’s see if Sheen will abide by the gag order now …