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This week on Teen Mom 3, it was the first Father’s Day for the men of the show. Whether they were around for it is a different story. Call it a case by case situation.

For all the Teen Moms, the occasion marked a sobering reminder that these guys are in their lives for good, whether they wish they could undo that or not.

Will some have happy endings? Possibly. But they’re all a part of the fabric of their children’s upbringing now, even if the kids don’t know the half of it.

How did the events of last night play out? Find out in THG’s +/- recap!

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Alex Sekella wants to show her daughter Arabella that Matt McCann’s actions will not be tolerated and that these are the effects of using drugs and alcohol.

Plus 50 for that. But it takes more than good intentions to make it right.

Her family wants her to go to the prom. Alex feels no one there will appreciate her because Matt ruined her life. It’s a sentiment that’s sad but understandable.


Her brother reminds her that the good thing that came out of her relationship with Matt was Arabella. Even if she looks like Matt, Plus 150 for that point.

Alex goes dress shopping and finds a red gown she likes. Plus 50.

Her date, Nick, really steps it up in terms of presentation, but Alex thought he was clingy and boring. Minus 100, because he was doing his best, but …

It’s all about Matt. And on Father’s Day, Matt is in rehab. They talk, and she emphasizes that the only person who is able to change that is Matt McCann.

Plus 50 for that positive lesson, and for going to the prom despite worrying that she would be known as the girl who had that crack head’s baby.

Briana DeJesus registers for classes at community college, and takes driving lessons to try to get her license too! She’s trying to be more independent. Plus 200.

Minus 50 for her driving skills. Don’t worry, practice makes perfect.

For Father’s Day, Briana takes Nova on her first beach trip. She avoids Devoin Austin. Instead, she focuses on her sister Brittany’s influence. Plus 150.

Mackenzie Douthit is trying to enjoy summer break with Josh McKee, but the two are growing more distant. Father’s Day only drives this home even more.

She does a photo shoot with Gannon dressed up in a cowboy outfit to make something special for Josh. She makes him an adorable portrait of Gannon.

Only when she gets to the big Father’s Day party, Josh isn’t there, or answering his phone. Later, he expresses little interest in them. Minus 400.

Mackenzie Douthit spends Father’s Day with her own dad, who never fights with her mom or seems like they’re on the verge of a split, which she is constantly.

Good role models, if nothing else. Plus 100.

Katie Yeager is still upset that Joey Maes doesn’t support her dreams of going to school. He’s late to pick up the kid, making her miss her class.

Minus 200 for this guy and his lackadaisical attitude toward getting his act together. Yes, you need your rest after work, but you can’t just go fishing.

Katie says later that it means the world to her when fans tell her that she deserves better than how Joey speaks to her, because she can really believe it.

Here’s hoping she takes their advice and moves on.