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The men of Teen Mom 3 are not impressing us so far.

The second episode of the young season featured Joey Maes blowing up at Katie Yeager. Last night? It was Matt McCann losing it on Alex Sekella.

Anger issues, guys. Time to get a handle on them.

Come along for THG’s official +/- TM3 recap …

Cheyenne Floyd and Her Shadow

Alex, like all the other 16 & Pregnant turned Teen Mom 3 stars, has been forced to grow up fast, but her relationship with toxic Matt is holding her back.

She caught Matt texting another girl. Minus 50.

Alex blew up at him, which was understandable but just made matters worse. Minus 50 because you can’t change people like this. Just yourself.


Alex’s mom, ever supportive, confronted Matt. Plus 50, but that only set him off more, and then when Alex came home, the two REALLY got into a fight.

Little Arabella was there listening to the whole thing, as well as Alex’s little brother. Minus 200. And that wasn’t even the worst of it from these two.

An out-of-control Matt started Alex, puffing up his chest like a douche and threatening her menacingly, telling her to hit him. Uhh, dude. Minus 500.

Fortunately, Alex’s mom told him it’s time to move out. Plus 350 for that and the fact that there were no actual fists to the face exchanged this week.

Meanwhile, Briana DeJesus’ mother Roxanne is making like TM2’s Barbara Evans or Randy Houska, taking care of her daughter and granddaughter.

Roxanne pays for a babyproofing service (Minus 50 for needing a babyproofing service, but Plus 50 for the intent), to help Briana out with the tyke.

More importantly, she tells Briana’s lazy baby daddy Devoin that he can’t expect to take his baby when he won’t even spend an hour with her in the house.

Served, Devoin. Served. Plus 200.

Mackenzie Douthit (now Mackenzie McKee, after she married Josh McKee) wisely borrows a prom dress because buying one is, like, really expensive.

Plus 100. They can be taught!

Plus 100 more for Josh skipping out on coon hunting for her big night, giving us hope that these two might make this work over the long haul after all.

As for Katie Yeager and Joey Maes, things are calmer than they were a week ago, which is not saying much but you take what you can get here.

While not exactly enthralled by couples therapy, he did show up, and they moved into their new apartment. Plus 50 for their attempts to make it work.

Plus 50 more for their shared grins at the sight of Molli playing in her crib. We hope Molli always inspires that kind of joy in her mom and dad, come what may.