Nine-Year-Old Runs Away From Home, Hops Plane to Vegas With No Ticket

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A nine-year-old in Minnesota ran away from home, got past security at the Minneapolis airport and boarded a flight to Las Vegas with no ticket last week.

The incident took place last Thursday morning at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Delta Flight 1651. He was eventually busted while en route.

Flight attendants noticed the discrepancy and contacted Las Vegas police, who took the boy when the plane landed and placed him with child protection services.

When police in Minnesota visited the child’s parents, they remarked they “hadn’t seen much of him today.” The boy was slated to return home on the next flight back.

As for how he got past a security checkpoint and boarded with no ticket?

The Transportation Security Agency noted that the federal government shutdown has reduced the amount of staff they have on due to furloughed employees.

TSA officials were quick to point out that “the child was screened along with all other passengers to ensure that he was not a threat to the aircraft.”

The agency is, however, scratching their heads and “investigating whether we should reconfigure barriers to prevent another incident like this one.”

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