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This week on Teen Mom 3, the girls continued to struggle with relationship drama, financial problems and all around shady behavior. And then some.

The episode’s title, “Don’t lie to me,” says it all. The lies are piling up left and right and the struggling young women just can’t take them anymore. 

What are they referring to specifically? Find out in THG’s recap!

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Mackenzie Douthit is having trouble adjusting to Josh’s bull riding schedule to say the least. He’s never around and that’s putting a strain on things.

Her mom comes up with the idea to call Josh’s trainer and ask if she can go to one of his practices, so she and Gannon can bond with him more.

Only when Mackenzie’s mom calls the trainer, he says that he hasn’t seen Josh at practice in quite some time. So where’s the guy been? Minus 100.


Worse yet, the trainer says he didn’t even see the passion and drive that would turn him into a top-notch rider. So all of this for nothing. Minus 200.

She confronts him and Josh is busted in his lie. “Do you just want to be done with me forever?” Mackenzie Douthit asks straight up. Plus 50, girl.

“I just want some time to figure things out,” Josh says. Weaksauce.

Josh is angry and passionate (there’s the passion!), but it’s not swaying her, as she takes her engagement ring off following their emotional exchange.

Minus 150 more, again, for lying to your girl. Just don’t do it fellas.

Katie Yeager marks her 19th birthday on summer break from college, and wants to go dress shopping for her upcoming wedding to Joey Maes.

Cue argument in 5 … 4 … 3 …

They are barely out of the driveway before they’re jawing at each other and keep at it all the way to Salt Lake City. Perhaps that’s not a good sign.

Minus 150, because Katie’s mom tells her she shouldn’t accept the way Joey treats her, but she seems to think she has no other choice. Case in point:

“If I’m not with Joey, I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life,” Katie Yeager tells her mom. ”Who wants a fat stretch-marked b*tch with a baby?”

No. Just no. Don’t let the guy off the hook with that reasoning. No.

Plus 50 because they do have a little fun on the trip, but back in the car, they’re fighting about money again. Then it takes a turn for the worse.

Regarding how much a wedding costs, Katie is okay with a courthouse marriage, but not if they’re fighting. Joey agrees. He tells her to move out. Fast.

Wow. Minus 250 for the way this guy treats his baby mama.

Alex Sekella has barely talked to Matt McCann since he OD’d. Arabella falls off a chair and hits her head at dance rehearsal. The costumes are missing.

It’s a rough, rough stretch for her, and Alex’s family wants to help her control her anger and stress. Probably not a bad idea for the troubled teen.

Still, Plus 100 for rallying to take second place after that.

Briana DeJesus talks to her sister Brittany about birth control and states that she’s getting back on the pill and will be staying on it no matter what.

Plus 200 for picking up condoms as a backup, even though it’s embarrassing, because both sisters want to be prepared and as in control as possible.

When the girls see the tools the doctor will use to conduct a pap smear, they don’t want to do it. Briana DeJesus does go through with it though.

When Briana pushes Brittany about why she didn’t get checked at the doctor, Brittany explains that it brought back bad memories of her abortion.

Plus 100 for this difficult, but educational segment.