Sleepy Hollow Season 1, Episode 4 Recap: The Rise of Moloch

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In a word: GULP.

On the latest episode of Fox's crazy fun new hit, Sleepy Hollow, fans learned of an enemy far more dangerous than any horseman without a head.

We were introduced to Moloch, who is all set to rise and cause some serious problems for Ichabod, Abby and, well, the entire world. Let's rundown what we learned on the latest installment, shall?

  • Ichabod has a way with women. Women over the roadside assistance voice system, that is. What a funny way to open the hour, as the series managed to remind us of Ichabod's love for Katia while also making us crack up.
  • The Boston Tea Party was originally dubbed "The Destruction of Tea" and meant to serve as a distraction while Ichabod and General Washington's crew stole a mysterious item off a nearby boat. HA! We love it. And Quentin Tarantino would probably adore this change in history as well.
  • Jennifer Mills and Abby Mills have a long way to go to rebuild their relationship. But there is hope at least. Abby is now has conversatorship over her sister and can free her in six months from the insane asylum. Six months, huh? In time for Sleepy Hollow Season 2, perhaps?
  • And now the big stuff: Some demon/ancient god named Moloch is gathering destructive forces to take down the world. He's the one who beckoned the Headless Horseman and he's the one responsible for all the black magic we've seen so far.

Abby was able to burn the book that would complete his rise, but why do we doubt it'll be that simple?

Overall, an outstanding episode of Sleepy Hollow. The show may be totally nuts, but it embraces that nutty side and now it's given fans an over-arching story to follow over the remaining 9 episodes of Season 1.

What do you think of Sleepy Hollow so far?

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