Pippa Middleton Christening Gift to Prince George: Cute or Creepy?

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Pippa Middleton's Christening gift to royal baby Prince George is ... interesting. What did his aunt get him and will the young heir appreciate it in a few years?

Christening Gift

The younger sister of Kate Middleton reportedly purchased silver sculptures specifically crafted from the Prince of Cambridge’s baby hands and feet.

The keepsakes cost approximately $11,000. The pieces designed by Wrightson and Platt (above) are each custom designed in a small London facility.

In order to create the molds, Prince George would have had to have his little hands and feet placed in a jelly-like, organic mixture of water and powder.

The entire process only 30 seconds, so if the entire Prince George Christening went off without a hitch, the youngster likely endured that with no problem.

Still, as far as Christening gifts go, is this one sweet or weird?

It definitely raises your eyebrows a bit, but then again, different isn't bad, and it's not like you can get this particular kid money to save for a rainy day.

He's the future KING, after all. The boy who has everything!

Also, he's likely received every gift under the sun, future head of state that he is. So perhaps this was her attempt at both a personal and unique touch.

What's undeniably cute are the photos released by the royal family following the affair, including this one with Pippa Middleton and her family as well:

Royal Baby, Family Portrait

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