Lady Gaga Sues Clothing Designer Over "Gagajeans"

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Lady Gaga has been on the receiving end of multiple lawsuits, but this time, she is taking it to a clothing designer who has been making “Gagajeans.”

Designer Philip Scott‘s “sexitized easy access jeans” feature a horizontal zipper across the crotch area ... totally not trying to utilize Gaga's name.


“When you see someone real fine-looking wearing them,” he promises on his website, “your mind can only go one place and that is to the zipper.”

Scott recently filed a trademark request to market the pants as “Gagajeans,” but was quickly slammed by a letter from the Lady’s attorneys on October 1.

Attorneys for the singer, who released her ARTPOP album cover Monday, wrote:

“It has come to our client’s attention that you have filed an application to register the mark GAGAJEANS and are using the GAGAJEANS mark in connection with the jeans."

"In particular, you have misappropriated the dominant feature of our client’s mark, GAGA, and merely added the generic term 'jeans.'

"Your use and registration of the GAGAJEANS mark is likely to cause confusion, mistake, and deception of consumers that Lady Gaga is affiliated with [the product]."

According to Gaga’s attorneys, Smith also commented on Lady Gaga videos attempting to direct fans to his website, (which has since been taken down).

As such, they demand that Scott abandon his trademark request, deactivate his website, cease and desist making the jeans, destroy any prototypes and more.

“If we do not hear from you by October 10,” the attorneys write, “we will assume that you have no desire to resolve this amicably and we will proceed accordingly without any further notice to you.”

But Smith insists he did nothing wrong:

“Gaga is a word that has many meanings … But none of those meanings are of a rich female singer who uses her wealth and power and position to harass, bully and slander in order to get her way."

"Actually, I guess that could be the meaning of ‘Lady Gaga!’”

Well played there. He goes on:

“All I know is that I applied for the trademark Gagajeans and when they did the trademark search it showed that no one was using it and that I could apply for it."

“I have never in any comments or actions tried to fool anyone into believing Lady Gaga is in any way connected to or associated with Gagajeans.”

“Lady Gaga just wants to trademark the name ‘Gaga’ and has not or cannot,” he claims.

“This is not my fault. If she had trademarked the name ‘Gaga,’ then I would not have applied for the name Gagajeans for my trademark."

“I will not cancel my application for the Gagajeans trademark. If the application is denied by the trademark office (which is likely), I will not use it."

"But until then, take a chill pill and wait for the trademark office to do their job!”

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