Kanye West Befriends Paparazzo in Paris: Watch Now!

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Quick! Look out your window! Pigs should be flying by at any moment now.

During his ongoing trip to Paris with baby mama Kim Kardashian, Kanye West actually took a few moments to calmly shake the hand of a cameraman on the street and tell the guy that he understands he has to "make a living."

No, really, Kanye West shook the hand of a paparazzi member. See for yourself:

Kanye, of course, is not exactly well known for having patience with the press.

He blew up at a reporter on his driveway at 4 a.m. a few mornings ago and he's since filed a police report against that paparazzo for trespassing.

The rapper is also the subject of a battery case that stems from a physical confrontation West had with a different cameraman in July.

The Los Angeles City Attorney is expected to use FOUR previous instances of Kanye angrily confronting cameramen against the artist in this case, seeking to punish the star for a pattern of combustible behavior.

But chalk it up to the croissants or the fresh air of France or the fact that reporters they don't stalk celebrities late into the night.

For whatever reason, Kanye appears to be a more relaxed man in Paris. Perhaps he should move there permanently and take Kardashian with him. Please. Please take Kardashian with you, 'Ye.


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