Kanye West vs. Paparazzi: Greatest "Hits" Collection Could Be Played in Court

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Kanye West's volatile nature and history of trouble with the paparazzi could end up playing a role in the battery case currently pending against him.

The L.A. City Attorney, who charged him with battery and attempted grand theft, believes the rapper's first instinct is to be confrontational and violent.

Kanye allegedly assaulted a photographer and tried to steal his camera at LAX July 19. It wasn't the first such incident with West ... nor was it the last.

In fact, there are at least four other such cases prosecutors may use to to prove their point as they look to punish combustible Kanye for the behavior.

Under California law, a judge will allow prosecutors to show "prior bad acts" if they're relevant to the case. Officials say these cases very much are:

This past Friday, paparazzi waiting for Kanye outside his Hollywood Hills home were accused of trespassing. It did not get violent, but he got PISSED.

On July 12 of this year, Kanye ordered a photographer not to talk EVER. That means to him or anyone he knows. He grabbed the camera as well.

On March 10 of this year, 'Ye went nuts on the paparazzi after trying to avoid them ... and bonking into a metal pole in Beverly Hills with Kim Kardashian.

Perhaps most relevant to the current charges? In September 2008, Kanye lost his $h!t on a photographer at LAX, smashing his camera to pieces.

Charges were dropped after Kanye paid for the damage, but unless he can plead this case out, prosecutors will probably argue this set a precedent.

What do you think? Should West be held criminally accountable for his actions? Are the paparazzi at fault? Is the truth somewhere in between? Discuss.


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