Kanye West Explodes at Paparazzi: Shut the Eff Up! It's 4 A.M.!

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Another day, another instance of Kanye West exploding at a member of the paparazzi.

But we can't say we blame the rapper this time around.

In footage posted by TMZ, we see a "reporter" approach Kanye on the rapper's driveway at 4 a.m. today, asking him about his Twitter rant against Jimmy Kimmel.

How's it going, the supposed journalist asks, only for West to tell him (repeatedly) to "shut the f--k up" as well as offer this logical reply:

"You out in front of my house at 4 a.m. asking 'How's it going?'"

"It's 4 a.m.! How do you think it's going?!?"

When the paparazzo refused to shut up, West lunged at him, but held himself back to ensure the rapper's latest blow-up did not turn violent.

Instead, Kanye simply referred to him angrily as a "blood-sucking mosquito bully" and asked why he can't find a more respectful profession.

It also looks like Kim Kardashian was present during the incident, with reports indicating that the couple was leaving for a flight to Paris.

Kanye, of course, is being sued for another paparazzi confrontation from earlier this summer, but has gone on record and said he responded in self-defense.

TMZ first posted the above video from X17 Online.

UPDATE: Kanye reportedly wants to press charges against the cameraman for trespassing on his property, which it certainly looks like he was.

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