The Voice Recap: Who Made a Big Bang?

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The Voice is back for a second week of blind auditions, with Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine vying for the top talent.

There was no shortage of it last night, and with a show that seems to feature momentum changes and new fan favorites with each song, it’s anyone’s game.

Let's break down last night's blind audition contestants, shall we?

Preston Pohl, who  grew up performing in a Christian rock band until his mentor passed away, brought charisma and funk to MGMT’s “Electric Feel."

His originality and creativity really made the night, as the coaches swooned over him. Even Christina, who did not turn around, soon wished she had.

Adam begged and pleaded with the singer and ultimately his passion won out over the other two coaches / salesmen as Preston Pohl joined his team.

Ray Boudreax got Blake and Cee Lo to turn around quickly on Bill Withers' “Use Me.” In the end, Ray opted for a country boy and picked Team Blake.

Lina Gaudenzi, a former model, knows what it’s like to be the pretty face behind the camera, but it was her voice that did the job for her on “Landslide.”

Lina’s sound was unique and unexpected - enough to make up for the fact that the song has been done to death - and earned her a spot on Team Christina.

Juhi made it clear from the first line of Duffy’s “Mercy” that she belongs, and despite Xtina's urging, the quirky singer found a home on Team Cee Lo.

Justin Blake took a risk by singing Blake Shelton’s song “Sure Be Cool If You Did" but only got one chair to turn ... Adam's! Hey, one is all you need.

Timyra-Joi, 15, got three chairs to turn around, but the "Girl on Fire" was ready to tap into her feminine instincts and joined the one who turned first, Team Xtina.

Monika Leigh, singing “The Thrill Is Gone” with bluesy soul, led to a “man fight” among the coaches and Monika eventually joined Shelton's team.

Briana Cuoco, the sister of The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, was ready to quit her job as Kaley’s personal assistant and pursue her singing career.

She made it count. Kaley’s a huge fan of the show and couldn’t wait for her sis to have the spotlight, which she made the most of on this occasion.

Xtina told Briana that she was “moved by power and raw talent,” as her sister sobbed tears of joy. Briana Cuoco went with Christina over Cee Lo.

George Horga Jr., singing Bruno Mars’s “Treasure,” worked the crowd and stirred up enough of a reaction that Cee Lo noticed and turned around.

Also, Cee Lo Green picked R&B artist Anthony Paul, Blake snagged pop singer Cilla Chan, and Christina grabbed rocker Jacob Poole for her team.

Who was your favorite singer of the night on The Voice? Which of the stars do you think has the best team so far? Share your comments with us below!

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