Fox Halloween Costume Sales Explode Thanks to "What Does the Fox Say" Video!

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Fox costumes are all the rage this Halloween, selling at record numbers among U.S. retailers, and we have Ylvis' video for "The Fox" to thank for that.

There will no doubt be plenty of Breaking Bad homages, and girls with no self respect dressing up as Miley Cyrus Twerking, but the big seller is ... the fox.

Now if only someone could tell us ... What does the fox say?!

The bizarre, hilarious, impossible-to-turn-off video by the Norwegian duo Ylvis has amassed more than 100 million views on YouTube in a month.

As a result, Spirit Halloween, Buycostumes, and Amazon say that fox costumes are up sharply from last year and selling out in record quantities.

Makes sense. Bushy tails, furry attire and pointy ears make for a fitting getup anyway. Now it's even got a ridiculous, fun pop culture tie-in.

Like a perfect storm ...

In conclusion, all we have to say about this story, and its impact on the coming festivities one week from Thursday, is: Ring-ding-ding-ding-aling-ding-dinger-ing!!!

No, seriously. What does the Fox say? Does anyone know?

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