What Does the Fox Say: Ylvis Music Video Goes Viral, Defies Human Comprehension

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Watch out, Gangnam Style. Norwegian duo Ylvis has released a music video, entitled "The Fox," that may be the biggest viral hit of the fall - if not all of 2013.

Bard Ylvisaker and Vegard Ylvisaker, collectively Ylvis, begin with a simple theme familiar to anyone with kids of pre-school age: What does this animal say?

Somehow, from that came the bizarre, hilarious, amazingly catchy video below:

A Lonely Island-esque duo, Ylvis had many wondering if this was "real."

The production value of their effort, on par with the also-critter-themed Katy Perry "Roar" music video, certainly boosts the viral potential of the song.

Visually, it's a sight to behold ... for better or worse.

But it's the pulsating, hypnotic, electro-pop beat that really drives "The Fox," punctuated by the echoing, forever epic refrain, "What Does the Fox Say?!"

Eat your heart out, PSY. #YLVIS4LYFE.

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