Carrie Movie Reviews: A Bloody Good Time?

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The remake of Carrie hits theaters today and let's make one thing clear:

This film was worthwhile before its release, due to this amazing Carrie coffee shop prank.

But how does Chloe Grace Moretz fill the iconic role? Will it be a bloody good time for you and your friends?

Check out the trailer below and then scroll down for a look at what various critics are saying about Carrie and compare their take to these glowing 12 Years a Slave reviews...

Its bloodshed may be all dressed up, but it ultimately has nowhere to go. -

With nothing new to offer, "Carrie" is reduced to attempting the impossible: repeating De Palma's long, tense buildup to Carrie's prom, one of the most stylishly executed horror-film sequences in history. - Newsday

She blows stuff up real good, in a way that would make the devil - or Bruce Willis - proud. - Entertainment Weekly

Kimberly Peirce's remake of Brian De Palma's Carrie isn't a total fiasco like Gus Van Sant's remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, but it's equally gratuitous. - Orange County Register

It makes for a daunting proposition for forward-thinking director Kimberly Peirce to update such a classic, but not only is her version one of the few truly successful horror remakes in recent years, it's simply better than the original. - The Examiner

As Carrie proves, remakes can be truly awful, not because they're unoriginal, or even lack proficiency, but because they offer nothing new to a story that audiences are deeply familiar with. - Comic Book Resources

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