Father of 9-Year-Old Airline Stowaway: He's Got Behavioral Issues!

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The father of the 9-year-old Minnesota boy who ran off and successfully boarded a Delta flight to Las Vegas with no ticket admits that the boy needs help.

"I don't have an angel, okay? I have a 9-year-old," the father said.

"To me, he's got a behavioral problem."

In fact, the father, who asked not to be identified, told a local CNN affiliate that the family has been trying unsuccessfully to get the boy help for years.

It was reported that before the Vegas stunt, the boy had a similar history, sneaking into a local water park and even stealing and crashing a vehicle.

"I miss my son," the father said of the boy who reportedly is still being held by child welfare authorities in Vegas, where he was detained. "I love my son."

He said that his wife reported their son missing on Thursday morning. They last saw him the previous night, leaving the house to take out the garbage.

"We're not bad parents. We didn't think nuthin' of it," the father said.

"We thought he was at his friend's house."

Although the mother works at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, she is not thought to have had a hand in her boy's journey on board Delta Flight 1651.

"I don't understand," said the father, echoing popular sentiment.

"You've got so [many] security checks. How does a 9-year-old sneak past security, get on a plane, without anyone stopping him, questioning him, anything?"

It's a valid question, to say the least.

Although no timetable has been announced, the boy will be returned to Minneapolis, "where issues will be addressed," a source close to the situation told CNN.

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