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Another major biopic role as been filled.

Days after Tom Hardy landed the role of Elton John, Variety confirms that Emile Hirsch is on board to portray the big screen version of John Belushi.

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The actor – best known for roles in Speed Racer, Milk and Into the Wild – will take on the persona of one of Saturday Night Live’s first cast members, a hard partying comedian who died of a drug overdose on 1982 at the age of 33.


Steve Conrad will write the untitled feature, which goes into production in the spring and which will be based on a 2005 biography penned by Belushi’s widow Judy.

Belushi, also beloved for his role in Animal House, was previously played by The Shield star Michael Chiklis in 1989 release Wired.

Do you think Hirsch is a good choice for Belushi?