Amber Portwood: A Changed and Mature Woman, Brother Insists

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Is Amber Portwood a changed and mature woman? That's what the Teen Mom star's brother claims as she nears her early release from prison.

Amber Portwood in Jail

Amber, 23, is slated for release from Indiana’s Rockville Correctional Facility on November 6, having served about 20 percent of her five-year sentence.

Brother Shawn says Amber Portwood, who famously battled addiction problems, completed drug rehab and got her G.E.D. while serving her time.

“She’s really grown and matured," Shawn said.

"She completed drug rehab, she got her G.E.D., she took parenting classes and became the administrator of the CLIFF program, which helps inmates get sober."

She did so well in cleaning herself up, in fact, that the reality star's brother says "she actually spent most of her jail time helping other girls get clean.”

Before entering prison voluntarily, because the mother of one didn’t think she could sober up on her own, she had to leave her daughter with Gary Shirley.

Don't expect that volatile romance to be rekindled once she gets out.

“He has a new girlfriend now," Shawn says, although "she’s very nice and cares for Leah well," so there may actually be a chance of them co-existing.

“Most of Amber’s problems revolved around Gary, so it’s a hot issue. He can keep Leah away from Amber, and in the past when that’s happened, it triggers Amber in a bad way."

"Her demeanor has changed, so that will help.”

In any case, once she’s released from the penitentiary, Amber’s brother insists she plans to stay clean and has no interest in the limelight again.

“She wants none of that life anymore,” he said, praising his sister. “She’s grown up far more than I thought she would. When I talk to her, she’s changed.”

Here's hoping.


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