Abandoned Pit Bull Rescued from Sewer in St. Louis

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We have another inspiring story of a pit bull who refused to give in to the abusive actions of its owner.

And the good folks who helped save him.

Earlier this month, we shared the tragic/happy tale of a dog who ran away from home and was taken in by an owner who did not return her due to clear signs of abuse. A handful of generous donations later and the canine was on a path to recovery.

Now we cut to St. Louis where a dog was abandoned by its owner and stuck in a sewer for four days.

After an animal control officer actually gave up when he failed to initially free the pet, neighbors gathered together and continued the fight on their own.

They enlisted the assistance of an organization known as Stray Rescue and slowly but surely coaxed the scared pit bull toward them.

"We were finally able... to get him to come out far enough to give him the little sleepy drugs and that's about it," said Donna Lochmann with Stray Rescue, explaining how they calmed the animal down and eventually, finally pulled him to safety after four subterranean days.

The pit bull is now recuperating at a local animal shelter - and the person who left him behind is hopefully suffering from food poisoning or something right about now.

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