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The girls of Teen Mom 3 came to grips with losing part of their teenage years this week. Much as they love their kids, life will never be the same.

Katie Yeager wants her body back. Mackenzie Douthit wants her guy back. Alex Sekella wants her guy gone. Briana DeJesus just wants to be normal.

What did all that mean for the new fab four? Come along for THG’s recap!

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Katie Yeager has a friend, obviously, who asks her to take part in a bridal and lingerie photo shoot and fashion show, because that happens all the time.

Not feeling confident in her post-baby body, she starts taking Zumba classes to get herself into shape, making you wonder how anyone over 30 does it.

Plus 50 for the effort, Minus 50 for the clearly contrived storyline.


When she talks to Joey Maes, about it, he is not very supportive and is jealous of the idea that she would show off her body like that and not for him.

Minus 100 for being the typical a–hat that he can be sometimes.

Eventually, he cheers Katie on in the fashion show, but leaves it’s time for the lingerie portion. He says he doesn’t know why she has body image issues.

Plus 100 for that sentiment, because we don’t either.

Alex Sekella’s mom kicked Matt McCann out of the house, if you recall, and now she’s imploring that Matt and Alex have to try to keep their relationship civil.

In counseling, Alex says how Matt affects her.

While Alex wants Matt to change, her counselor says she has no control over Matt’s emotions or even actions, and she can only change her own. Plus 50.

Alex’s little brother and sister step up. Plus 50.

Later, buoyed by support from her young siblings, she tells Matt she won’t let him around their daughter until he is 100 percent drug-free. Plus 50.

Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee their son Gannon to his first rodeo. From now on, he can use the cliche, “This isn’t my first rodeo.” Plus 70.

Josh talks to friends about recovering from some major injuries and getting back to riding, but Mackenzie has serious reservations about that.

She says it’s different seeing the father of your son do that than it is your hot boyfriend, and she’s right. Things will never be the same. Plus 130.

In the end, she decides to support her man’s dreams. Here’s hoping that he will also keep her feelings – and their family’s – in mind down the line.

Briana DeJesus feels raising a baby is a full-time job, compared to her sister Brittany who had an abortion. Plus 100 for showing this stark contrast.

Both girls feel like they made the right call for themselves, but Briana jealous that her sister and friends are off having fun while she cares for Nova.

Briana breaks down crying, feeling that she’s a burden on her family, who take care of her and the baby, constantly motivating and supporting her.

Plus 100 more for the family assuring her she’s not, and telling her that Nova has a plethora of positive role models to look up to, even if it’s hard.