The Real Housewives of Miami Recap: Choose Your Favorite Housewife

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The Real Housewives of Miami gave us a "A Ple-Thora of Lies" the normal drama and just a touch of common sense. We break it all down in our THG +/- review.

The Most Patient Housewife

Lisa Hochstein has become my favorite housewife. She's funny, says what she thinks without being rude and doesn't pretend to be someone she's not.

And Plus 50 for bringing a bit of much needed common sense. That's darn hard to find among The Real Housewives of Miami ... or anywhere.

One again Lisa had to deal with another "fabulous visit" from her in-laws and was it just me or was Marina's voice the equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard? Minus 20.

If the trip to the Russian deli was awkward, dinner was somewhere between painful and cathartic.

I loved it when Marina complained that Lisa doesn't return her calls and Lisa responded by admitting she doesn't believe Marina likes her. Plus 15 for the honesty.

Not that it made much difference. Her father-in-law sounded like he was dropping the hammer when he said, "everybody returns our calls," in that accent.

And did you notice that Marina never bothered to deny that she doesn't like Lisa. Minus 25.

Plus 40 to Lenny for sticking up for his wife and telling his parents off for attacking her.

Marina: Who attacks your wife?
Lenny:  You, all the time.

I just wanted to go give the man a hug for putting his rude mother in her place. "You're rude to our drivers. You're rude to our guests. You think your nice but your not nice to anyone."  Go Lenny!

And still LIsa did her best to turn the other cheek and make nice. Plus 10. Marina doesn't know how lucky she is. Most daughter-in-laws I know would ban her from the house.

Lenny even held a peace summit between Romain and Frederick… and it actually worked. Plus 12. I was happy Romain stood his ground and made Frederick apologize for posting tweets calling Joanna a whore. Still, I'm not sure I'd be feeling so forgiving.

Back at wedding central, Adriana's determined to make her guests wear white. Ugh. Minus 22. How many people really look good in white?

But her big reveal was that Lea Black and her husband got married again four months after their original marriage.

First off, there's a big difference between four months and four years. Second, I think the larger issue is that Adriana pretended to be a single, struggling mother, asked friends for financial help and to be fixed up on dates. Minus 18. It smells like a scam.

And if Adriana didn't want her son to know her secrets perhaps she shouldn't have signed on to do Reality TV.

When did Marysol turn into such a witch? She brought up Lea during dress shopping, complained about Lisa's dog, and even ordered Adriana not to answer Lea's phone calls. Minus 12. Perhaps she needs to find her own story line.

And what gave Adriana the right to tell Lisa she couldn't be in Joanna Krupa's wedding party…not that she's been asked yet. I love how Lisa very politely told her that if she were asked she would accept because she's friends with both woman. Plus 25. At least there's one grown up amongst this crowd.

Wait until Adriana finds out Lisa's headed to LA with both Lea and Joanna to go wedding shopping. Watch that Brazilian temper blow.

Lea's son RJ had a birthday party with hats, ties, war games and an orchestra. Hmmm. Unique is about the only word i can come with for that.

Lea was a class act when she called Adriana to set aside their difference and invite her son to RJ's party. Plus 30.

It's great that Alex and Frederick showed up but Adriana really should have stood at home since she couldn't stop complaining about how she shouldn't be there. Minus 15.

And once again Lisa was right. Having the Housewives sing to RJ was just awkward, slightly sexual, inappropriate and all kinds of weird.

But what else would we expect from our Real Housewives?


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