Parents Humiliating Kids on Facebook: Five Epic Wins/Fails

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Facebook may print money for Mark Zuckerberg and his cohorts, but as far as popularity among younger users go, it's seen some declines of late.

Once the hip, cutting-edge social network for college kids and teens, the Facebook has become more of a forum for moms, dads and even grandparents.

Using it to embarrass their family members, intentionally or not, the older folks are driving away the site's initial users - often in hilarious fashion, at least.

If you're wondering why "kids these days" prefer Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and SnapChat over Facebook, it might be because of status updates like this ...

Facebook Fail 2

Very well played, dad. Father figures are always there to keep you in line with a smart-ass comment ... or by recreating your douchey selfies:

Facebook Fail 3

Sometimes parents these days even overstep and use Facebook to gossip about their own children to their friends and meddle even more overtly:

Facebook Fail 4

Usually, of course, it's a bit more subtle. Can a girl not subtly remark on Taylor Swift's profound lyrics without her mom creeping? Come ON, mom ...

Facebook Fail 5

If there's any saving grace, it's that they may not catch on to what you're saying. This parent, fortunately (for everyone) has clearly not seen Jersey Shore:

Facebook Fail 1
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