Kate Middleton Weight Loss Secrets: Revealed!

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Kate Middleton's amazing post-pregnancy figure has people wondering: What's the Duchess' secret? Well now we know, or at least a tabloid claims we do.

The crowds couldn’t help but notice Kate Middleton’s slim post-baby body since she began stepping out in Anglesey, Wales, six weeks after giving birth.

How did she shed the 29 pounds she gained while pregnant?

And seemingly instantly, at that? As if she never were?

Rowing partner Emma Sayle says Kate Middleton owes a lot to her prenatal fitness levels: “Kate stayed super-fit by running and hitting the gym."

"That helps immeasurably in bouncing back.”

An insider tells the celebrity gossip magazine that “Kate loves exercise and did lots of swimming and Pilates while pregnant. It’s really helped her lose weight.”

And while the 31-year-old waited for the doctor’s green light to begin strenuous exercise after six weeks, the natural athlete hasn’t been sitting around.

She’s been doing yoga and taking long walks with baby George on the Middletons' property, and she's still breastfeeding as well, which helps too.

“Kate is keen to get back to her old self, but she’s doing everything in moderation,” the source says, and from all we know of Kate, we don't doubt it.

Kate really seems to have a good head on her shoulders, doesn't she? That little Royal Baby is a lucky one to have such seemingly terrific parents.

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