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A recent survey revealed that a third of women sleep with makeup on at least twice a week, and that the effects of doing so are less than stellar.

So for a month, one woman decided to test that theory by applying make-up as normal and never taking it off. The results, as you’d expect, were horrible:

By the end, experts said her skin had aged by a decade.

Chelsea Handler post-facial photo

She allowed herself a “cursory wash in the shower every morning,” but no cleansing products and nothing before bed. The photos speak for themselves.

Not all of that damage is permanent, though some research suggests this may age one’s faces by more than two days for every night that it happens.


It all comes down to priorities and busy schedules, of course.

Everyone’s been so drained at the end of the day by work, family and other obligations (or fun) that they’ve eschewed their pre-bedtime rituals.

Also, this woman was literally applying creams and makeup on top of the residue of whatever was left to prove a point, which is a totally extreme case.

Nevertheless, it might make you rethink things the next time you’re too tired (or lazy) to do your nighttime regime, if it really adds up over time.

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