Huma Abedin: Why Doesn't She Leave Anthony Weiner?!

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It's the question everyone surely asks whenever they see Huma Abedin standing beside husband Anthony Weiner during yet another press conference....

Why does she stay with him?

Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner

Her reason is actually quite "normal" given the circumstances. She stays for the sake of their 19 month old son, Jordan. 

Rory Tahari, a longtime friend of the couple, says that, "She never wanted Jordan to say to her, "Why didn't you do everything you could to help Dad?"" 

In addition, Abedin is said to believe strongly in the "for better or worse" portion of her wedding vows. More power to ya but there are a lot of women out there who would look at multiple lewd sextings as far beyond "worse". 

The couple has been in therapy for many years, no doubt due in large part to Weiner's inability to stop tweeting other women pictures of his junk.

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