The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Sociopaths & Their Friends

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey heads back to the Teresa and Jacqueline summit as the "Children of the Scorned" try to patch up their friendship.

We recap the tattered remains in THG's +/- review.

The Real '80s

After last week where Teresa Giudice called Jacqueline evil and Jac shot back with calling Tre a sociopath, I was expecting more from this summit meaning.

Minus 15 because instead of a cat fight it was a giant snooze fest. I don't think anyone really owned up to anything from the past, they just decided to move on.  How long will it be before it all falls apart once again?

The worst part was having to hear Joe Guidice talk about autism once again.

Minus 12 because the ignorant meter was  spiking off the charts. But then again, if we kept Joe to speaking about subjects he actually understood, it wouldn't give him much air time.

The Jerseyans seemed to be trying to make amends all over. Joe Gorga picked up Gia for a play date. Did anyone else notice how Teresa's kids were climbing the two story foyer like a bunch of monkeys and her only concern was for the chandelier? Minus 10.

But Gia appeared to be the most mature person in the Guidice / Gorga clan as she told her uncle exactly what she thought of him and his tirade at the christening. Plus 30 for not sugar coating it.

It's sad that Joe doesn't even remember Gia being in the room and the kid was between he and Teresa trying to drag her mother out of the fray.

Back to the present, Plus 20 to Teresa for her Zumba charity day to help The Nephcure Foundation and another plus 20 for everyone who came out and joined it.

Two weeks ago, could anyone have guessed that the brawling Joes would be dancing and laughing on the Zumba floor?

And as they all tried to get alone, a big plus 33 for all of the old pictures of happier times. How can anyone not laugh at giant Jersey '80s hair?

Of course some things about this family will never change. Joe Guidice asked Melissa Gorga to dance on the pole in the bus and Milania started swinging around pretending to be her aunt. Apparently the ex-stripper rumors were still alive and well in the Guidice household.

At least they all seemed to be having more fun than the Manzo boys who were still trying to sell blk. Minus 13 because who in their right mind would want to drink water that looks like it came out of a sewage pipe?

The worst was listening to Christopher fantasize about how he'll cheat on his future wife. Minus 22. Have we ever even seen him with a girl, never mind in any sort of serious relationship?

Their buddy Greg is heading off to San Francisco and Christopher admits he doesn't think he'd ever have the guts to leave Jersey. Plus 8 for honesty.

Jacqueline was the biggest surprise of the night as she flew out to Beverly Hills for a tummy tuck and a neck lift.. Seeing her pieces of fat and skin sitting on the surgical tray were kind of gross but plus 12 for getting rid of that crappy tattoo.

Plus 35 to Ashlee who moved to California and actually grew the F-up! I never saw that coming but it looks like getting away from Mom was the best thing that could have happened to her.

She even told Jacqueline when it was time to put down the shot glass. Go figure.

So will you be tuning in next week to see the new and improved Jacqueline.


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