Kendra McKenzie Gill, Utah Beauty Pageant Winner, Arrested for Making Bombs

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Kendra McKenzie Gill, an 18-year old who earned the crown of Miss Riverton last month, was arrested on Saturday for making homemade bombs and throwing them at neighbors.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the local fire department received calls on Friday night about folks tossing incendiary devices out of a car, with at least nine such incidents reported.

Authorities arrived on the scene and discovered water bottles filled with aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner.

Gill was arrested the following day, along with three friends, and charged with 10 first degree felonies, including construction of an incendiary device.

She had been scheduled to move on to Miss Utah, the final step prior to Miss America, before this arrest.

The organization is yet to comment on the controversy, but it seems very unlikely that this teenager's pageant dreams will continue.

Gill and her pals "were throwing [these devices] at people and property," Unified Fire Authority Captain Clint Mecham told local affiliate KUTV. "This goes well beyond a teenage prank."

Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

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